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The Myanmar Music Archive was co-created in 2022 in collaboration with In Place Of War, a global organisation that uses creativity in places of conflict as a tool for positive change. The project is supported by the British Council.


In partnership with Gitameit Music Institute - a non-profit community centre and music school based in Yangon, Myanmar devoted to music teaching, nurturing and performing - we created a 3-part workshop ‘Developing a Music Archive’, consisting of practical tasks, exploring the purpose and importance of archiving music, reflecting the history of Burmese people and their culture through music.

Based in different regions across Myanmar, 7 musicians took part in the workshops and discussed different methods of recording, licensing and how they can build and develop their own personal archives. Each participant was set the task of recording their own piece of music to share with the group. The music they recorded form the foundations of this archive, containing audio and video recordings of both traditional and modern music. The workshops provided a space to share a mutual passion for composing and performing and to share stories about both modern and traditional instruments and influential musicians from Myanmar.

This is an open archive and we encourage musicians and individuals to send their recordings from Myanmar music to, to collaborate with the initiative and keep it growing. 


All content is regulated by Creative Commons licenses. It´s free and it can be used for any purpose but for economic benefits. 


Enjoy the amazing music from Myanmar!


Name of the song : Shin Thiwali (Shin Sivali)

Name of the musicians : Patala(Xylophone) / Lulin Nge Tway Maung Than Aye (Guitar) / U Khin Oo Lwin (Vocal and Si) / Wa.....Htun Htun (Gitameit)

Composer : Sagaine Saya Kyi.

Recorded by Htun Htun

Date : 2019

Place : Gitameit Music Institute, Yangon, Myanmar Genre : Khit Haung ( Traditional) 

Name of the song : Improvisation

Name of the musician : Zinko

Recorded by Zinko

Date:  20th July 2022

Place : Mandalay, Myanmar

Musical Gernre : Popular Genre.

Name of the song: Tune of Burmese harp 
Name of the musician : Wint Yee Phyo 
Recorded by Wint Yee Phyo
Date : 20th july 2022
Place : Yangon (Sanchaung tsp)

Musical genre : Traditional

Name of the song: Improvisation

Name of the musician : Phone Tay Za

Recorded by Phine tay Za

Date : 20th July 2022

Place: Mandalay, Myanmar

Musical genre : Popular Genre

Name Of The Song : Improvisation
Name Of The Musician : Snow
Recorded by Snow 
Date : 21st July 2022
Place : Yangon, Myanmar

Musical genre : Hyms

Name Of The Song : Improvisation
Name Of The Musician : Snow

Recorded by Snow 
Date : 1st August 2022
Place : Yangon, Myanmar
Gender : Hyms

Name of the song : Revolution

Name of the musician : Htun Htun

Composer....Generation Z

Recorded : Htun Htun

Date : 24th July 2022

Place : Mogok, Myanmar 

Genre :  Revolutionary music in pop

Name of the song : Di Poin Myo Nae Moe Chote Lyin ( Tae Heart)

Name of the musicians : Htun Htun (Gitameit) Vocal - Htun Htun (Gitameit) Harp - U Win Maung( Ka. Pa. Sa)

Composers : Htun Htun  - U Win Maung

Date: 2015

Place : Yangon Date

Genre : Traditional


Name of the song : Sweet elegy

Name of the musician : Olive

Recorded by Olive

Date : 20 th july

Place : Yangon

Musical genre : Pedagogical composition
Composer : Catherine Rollin


Name of the song : Melody 

Name of the musician : Olive
Composer : M.Skoryk (Ukraine)
Recorded by Olive

Date : July 26th 2022
Place : Yangon, Myanmar
Musical genre : Classical


Name of the song :  How Can I 
Name of the musician: H3F 
Recorded by Jus 
Date : 20th July 2022
Place - Yangon

Musical genre : Funk/ Groove
Composer - Gong Thepvipat


Name of the song : Chit Ta Takhu Htae Thi Dae

Composer : Sai Khanm Late

Name of the musician : The three students 

Recorded by Htun Htun

Date : 1/8/2022

Place : Mogok, Myanmar

Genre : Pop 

Name of the song : Sally Garden

Name of the musician : Zinko

Recorded by Zinko

Date : 10th Aug 2022

Place : Mandalay, Myanmar

Genre : Pop, Folk

Name of song : Melodie d'amour
( About one of the boys, in burmese version)

Name of the musicians : The Students from Mogok
Composed by : Henri Salvador / Leo Johns / Edmundo Ros
Recorded by Htun Htun
Date : 5th Aug 2022
Place : Mogok, Myanmar
Genre : Latin , pop

Name of Song :Tha Gyan Moe
(Water festival song)

Musician : Htun Htun & the students from Mogok
Composer : Iszali Maung Maung
Recorded : Nyi Nay and Htun Linn Naing
Place of record....Mongol, Myanmar
Date of record... April 2022
Genre....Traditional, pop

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Montevideo, Uruguay


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